• Oil change in engine

Want to avoid time-consuming and financially repairing the engine at a seemingly fairly average mileage? The first rule of excellent car care is the timely replacement of oil in the engine.

Directly changing the oil in the engine is a very simple procedure, however it is much easier and more profitable to entrust it to car service professionals CARVEX.

Oil change in the engine - how often do you need to produce?

  • Every 13000 km when driving in the trail mode with a maximum of 1-2 passengers

  • Every 10,000 km when driving in mixed mode or with a more significant load

  • Every 8000 km when driving around the city

  • Every 6000 km with increased load on the car - here you can include the transportation of heavy loads, a large number of passengers, broken roads and even a long stand in traffic jams

  • Is there a turbine on your car? Take away 30% of the mileage indicated above - your engine needs a little bit more oil change

Self-replacement oil - preparation for the procedure

  • Carefully read the operating instructions and service book of your car - first you need to determine which motor oil the manufacturer recommends. Also this information is for sure placed on the sticker in the hood of your car

  • Prepare a new oil filter, replaceable rubber seals and washers

Sign up for a replacement of engine oil in advance, and it will take less than an hour of your time!

Send an price request right now and get a profitable offer for car repair!