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brake repair, brake maintenance, brakes repair

The braking system deserves special attention, because it is her refusal (the nightmare of any motorist) or inefficient work leading among the technical causes of accidents.

Therefore, the slightest oddity during braking is the reason to call in to the car-care center for diagnostics. Moreover, it is impossible to delay a visit to the master in cases where serious problems have been discovered.

Urgent repair or maintenance of brakes is required if:

  • greatly increased stopping distance;
  • car during braking puts to the side;
  • the brake pedal is down, fails or vice versa is tight, vibrates;
  • brakes squeal or creak;
  • decreased level of brake fluid in the tank;
  • you notice a drop of brake fluid under the hood after parking;
  • the parking brake has stopped keeping the car on a slope.

You can entrust the repair of the brake system - the main and the "parking brake" - to the masters of CARVEX, who will identify and correct the faults. In the presence of a wide range of original parts and high-quality counterparts (with a guarantee from the manufacturer), which allows for immediate replacement.

Our services:

  • brake repair and maintenance;
  • diagnostics of the brake system;
  • repair and replacement of brake cylinders, vacuum booster, calipers, regulator;
  • replacement of brake pipes and hoses;
  • replacement of brake pads and discs;
  • brake fluid replacement;
  • "Pumping" (air removal) and adjustment of the brakes;
  • hand brake repair.

For the prevention of breakdowns, you can sign up for comprehensive maintenance at CARVEX. It includes checking the status of the brake system, replacing worn parts and brake fluid, cleaning and lubricating calipers. If you undergo maintenance at least once every two years (ideally, annually), you can significantly increase the reliability of the brake system and, as a result, make driving more comfortable and safer.

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