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The engine literally breathes life into the car, providing the energy necessary for the movement. From the state of this mechanical "heart" depends not only the very ability to move and develop speed, but also fuel consumption, dynamics and other important performance characteristics.

It is not recommended to neglect planned maintenance, and in case of malfunctions - even minor ones - to postpone the visit to the car service. This will worsen the quality of the ride and increase the chances of failure of the unit. A complete bulkhead and restoration of functions, especially engine replacement will cost much more than eliminating current problems.

How to understand that you need a engine repair?

  • The engine starts with difficulty, it works unevenly
  • The car does not gain enough speed (the gas pedal can "swim" and fall), rides with jerks, stalls at idle speed
  • In the engine there are tapping, crackling and other atypical sounds
  • The color changed and the exhaust volume increased
  • The cabin smells of waste gases
  • The consumption of oil and fuel has increased
  • There is a strong deposit on the spark plugs
  • Shots are heard in the silencer

If you find these signs, come to CARVEX. We have professionals with extensive experience in repairing engines of all types and generations.

Car repair workshop services:

  • engine diagnostics;
  • repair of the cylinder head and other internal combustion engines;
  • replacement of worn out spare parts;
  • replacement of consumables (candles, oil, filters, etc.);
  • preventive maintenance and capital repairs;
  • engine replacement.

We maintain in stock a stock of original and high-quality analog components for the most common brands and models of urban cars and SUVs in Europe. Missing parts can be delivered promptly from our partners. It does not matter whether you need to repair the engine or replace the engine - in CARVEX work will not last for weeks, and you will soon be able to get behind the wheel of your car.

Send an price request right now and get a profitable offer for car repair!

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