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clutch replacement, change a clutch, clutch repair

Clutch is a component of the transmission of the car. Transmits the torque from the ICE to the gearbox and allows you to temporarily disconnect, then connect them, which is necessary for a smooth start of the movement, switching speeds and stopping the car. Because of friction, there is a rapid wear of the parts of the mechanism, so that regular repair of the clutch is inevitable. The load increases due to improper operation. If you do not eliminate the breakdown, the mechanism is deformed and out of order.

Unpleasant here is not only the fact that you will have to pay the full cost of replacing the clutch, but also that the machine can simply not move from the place at the most inopportune moment - for example, when starting from a traffic light. Therefore, you need to monitor the behavior of the car and do not pull with a trip to the car service.

Signs that clutch replacement or repair is needed:

  • when you press the clutch pedal, you hear a scratch or other noise, you feel a vibration;
  • clutch does not turn on (does not turn off) completely;
  • the car starts to jerk;
  • the clutch pedal goes down and does not return to its original position.

If your car has such problems, come to CARVEX. We will carry out fault diagnostics, repair the clutch or we will suggest you to install a new mechanism.

How do I find out the cost of the clutch replacing?

The price of the service is affected by the design of the car (how difficult it is to reach the node), the nature of the malfunction (which elements need replacing and which ones can be left), the brand of parts. You can specify how much it will cost to replace the clutch, describing your car and the breakdown by phone service center or through the form on the site.

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