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From the starter, the car starts moving, the generator converts mechanical energy into a current, provides them with all electricity consumers and recharges the battery. Breakage of these elements makes it difficult to operate the car until it is impossible to move. Especially unpleasant, when the car stops somewhere in the wilderness, far from the SRT, where repair of starters and generators is done.

To prevent this situation and expensive replacement of the generator or starter, it is necessary to protect the device from loads and moisture - do not over-lock the key in the lock, do not connect the powerful on-board devices, do not use the old battery and prevent the terminals from replacing, monitor the level of gasoline in the tank, puddles. And at the first malfunctions to address in a car-care center.

Most likely, it's time for the car starter to repair, if it:

  • when turning the key does not rotate (the battery is charged and correctly connected);
  • rotates, but slowly;
  • quickly rotates, but does not start the engine;
  • do not turn off after starting the engine;
  • noisily working - creaks, grinds.

The need to repair the generator is indicated by the following features:

  • the battery quickly discharges even with frequent and long trips;
  • the headlights dimmed, the volume of the signal decreased;
  • the battery charge indicator does not light up during engine start-up and vice versa lights or flashes when the engine is running;
  • the generator is buzzing, whistling.

Problems can also be caused by problems with battery, wiring or fittings. Therefore, CARVEX car service specialists always perform a thorough inspection and computer diagnostics before repairing the generators (starters). This allows you to accurately identify sources of failure in the operation of devices and decide whether it is appropriate to restore them or better to buy new ones.

Replacement of the starter (generator) can be made on the day of appeal - in the CARVEX extensive warehouse program, and you do not have to go to the auto shops in search of spare parts.

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