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car maintenance service, auto maintenance service

Preventive maintenance of the car is the most economical way to maintain the serviceability and efficiency of all its systems for the longest possible period, because it is always cheaper than unexpected repair due to the failure of any unit and unit.

In addition, timely maintenance can reduce the cost of fuel for cars and prevent an abnormal situation associated with a violation of the controllability of the car while driving.

What gives regular maintenance of the car?

  • Confidence in the operability of all units and assemblies
  • Guarantee of safety behind the wheel
  • Optimum fuel consumption
  • Preventive elimination of hidden faults
  • Protection against unexpected breakdowns on the road
  • Real saving of time and financial resources
  • Reducing environmental pollution

Daily car maintenance - do it yourself

Daily it is recommended to check the driver's readings, speedometer, steering, headlights. In addition, it is necessary to check the levels of oil, cooling and brake fluids, fuel, omyvayki, pressure in the wheels. Also before the trip should pay attention to the status of license plates, the position of mirrors, the general condition of the body of the car.

Car maintenance 1 - every 10 thousand kilometers or 1 year of operation

In the framework of such maintenance, CARVEX car service specialists will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of all car systems, cleaning and lubrication of the chassis and engine components, checking the brake system, spark plugs, checking all fasteners and connections and adjusting the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. In addition, in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer, in the TO-1, the fuel, oil and salon filters are replaced, replacing or topping up engine oil and other technical fluids. If necessary, the owner of the car will be recommended repair or replacement of out-of-order car aggregates. In addition, within TO-1, the alignment, the state of the tires and the pressure in them are checked.

Car maintenance 2 - every 30 thousand kilometers or 2 years of operation

In the framework of a rarer and more thorough TO-2, all the work is carried out with the removal of some parts, which allows more carefully to check and maintain all the components of the car. The work is carried out in strict accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer specified in the service booklet of your car and include thorough maintenance and planned replacement of the units that have worked their life, and replacement of engine oils and gear boxes and other technical fluids (according to the manufacturer's recommendations).

In addition to the list of works performed within the Maintenance 1, Maintenance 2 includes:

  • Monitoring the condition of the drive belts
  • Replacement of spark plugs, a brake liquid, a liquid of the hydraulic booster of a wheel
  • Monitoring the level and condition of the antifreeze

Unfortunately, CARVEX car service specialists regularly face the consequences of missed scheduled maintenance, carrying out complicated and expensive car repairs, which could have been avoided. We strongly recommend that our customers regularly undergo maintenance, as this will not only save you time and money, but also ensure your safety at the wheel.

Car maintenance in CARVEX - for those who are not ready for unpleasant surprises.

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