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According to statistics, the malfunction of the air conditioner is one of the most easily diagnosed breakdowns in a car. Almost every car owner knows that if in his car it became impossible to breathe in warm weather, you need to refuel the air conditioner.

In CARVEX, the service for refueling the car air conditioner includes the following procedures:

  • Checking the air conditioning system for leaks, namely the control of the pressure in the two circuits of the system under load and without it
  • Checking the correct operation of the fan and radiator
  • Checking and replenishing, if necessary, the oil level in the air conditioning compressor
  • Directly refueling the air conditioner with freon

Such a comprehensive approach to refueling the air conditioner and performing all the work by experienced CARVEX car service specialists is the guarantee of reliable operation of the air conditioning system of your car for the longest period of time.

Refueling the car air conditioner in CARVEX - a guarantee of comfort while driving in all kinds of weather!

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