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oil change in automatic gearbox

Rare driver will opt for the traditional "mechanics", at least once trying an automatic transmission, because with her driving the car really becomes much easier. However, many people once again dream of returning to the "pen", for the first time faced with the need to repair the automatic transmission - this procedure is considered one of the most difficult and expensive in the car repair market, and the guarantee of faultless operation of the box "automatic" after repair gives a unit.

How to avoid automatic transmission repair? The answer is one - in time to serve the automatic transmission, or rather - in time to change the oil in the box. Unfortunately, it's better not to conduct this procedure yourself - without special equipment and tools you can disrupt the work of even a working gearbox, which will still bring you to the service, but on a much more significant occasion.

When to go to CARVEX to replace the oil in the automatic transmission?

  • Every 30-40 thousand kilometers of run or according to the recommendations in the service book
  • If you feel unusual shocks while driving a car
  • If there are any strange sounds in any of the modes of the box

Replacing the oil in the automatic transmission in the car service company CARVEX - why are we?

  • We have a special rinsing machine - it will allow you to replace the automatic box oil with a new one, maintaining the necessary pressure, which will protect you from getting into the air system and foaming the oil
  • Together with the oil change, CARVEX specialists will also change all the necessary filters - we have all the necessary tools and suitable materials for your car (new filter and the right amount of oil for automatic transmission)

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