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car diagnostics, car computer diagnostics

A modern car is a complex device equipped with a lot of electricians, designed to manage all nodes and units as correctly as possible. Each car owner enjoys using climate control systems, seat servo, musical equipment, all drivers determine how much fuel remains, according to the onboard computer calculations and a special indication.

However much more significant function of the on-board computer of a car is its self-diagnostics. Thanks to the huge number of sensors, a modern car can tell you about the wear of the brake pads, the low level of the brake fluid, the insufficient pressure in the tires and even the malfunction in the engine of your car. Unfortunately, not always the difficulties that have arisen can be corrected and diagnosed independently.

Car diagnostics in the workshop CARVEX - a special diagnostic equipment and modern software that will allow you to comprehensively evaluate the performance of your car recently and evaluate its serviceability from the point of view of the on-board computer of the car itself.

The computer-based auto-diagnostic in CARVEX includes the following procedures:

  • Full diagnostics of engine parameters, including errors in operation
  • Diagnosis of the gearbox, including errors in its operation
  • Checking of electronic braking systems and control systems (ABS, ESP)
  • Testing of onboard electronics
  • Diagnosis of the air conditioning systemя
  • Analysis of the correctness of the on-board computer operation in various driving modes

When is computer diagnostics needed?

  • As a preventive measure - every 10-12 thousand kilometers of run or once every six months
  • When the indication in the car appears in red or yellow, according to the instruction manual of the car

Timely computer diagnostics of the car will help you in time to carry out the necessary preventive procedures and avoid expensive repairs.

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