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replacing the brake pads, replacing brake discs

For reliable braking, you need to timely change the brake discs and pads. How often should this be done? There is no universal answer. On average, the brake pad is enough for 10-15 thousand kilometers, the disks serve twice as long. However, the rate of wear depends on many factors, starting from the type and quality of the components themselves (the recommended period of operation is indicated on the part or in the instructions) and ending with road conditions and driving style.

Therefore, fans of aggressive off-road driving may need to replace the brake pads after 5 thousand km, while neat drivers who ride on highways and rarely get into traffic jams will have to turn to the car service only after 25 thousand km or more.

In modern cars there are sensors that indicate wear on the consumables, but blindly rely on them not worth it. The surest way to learn about the problems is to monitor the behavior of the machine.

Most likely, you need to replace the brake discs and / or pads if:

  • brakes disgustingly "squeak" or "scream";
  • the stopping distance increased markedly;
  • when braking course changes, the car goes sideways;
  • the brake pedal vibrates, fails or "floats";
  • the level of the brake fluid in the reservoir decreased drastically;
  • does not hold the parking brake (in this case, the cable is normally pulled).

ЕIf you find one of the listed signs (especially if a few), come to CARVEX car service. We will carry out diagnostics and change the worn out components or make a complete tuning of the braking system for more efficient braking. For the most popular brands of cars in the presence of several types of spare parts of different price categories.

CARVEX specialists will help you to choose the best option for your car and driving style, will replace the brake pads and disks, and in conclusion consult in detail on rolling new parts.

Send an price request right now and get a profitable offer for car repair!

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