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The muffler is the main element of the automotive exhaust system. Its "competence" includes reducing the pressure, temperature and noise level of the exhaust gases. From the health of this element depends not only the comfort of the driver and others, but also the performance of the engine. So it's not recommended to postpone the repair of the silencer for a long time, even if you are not confused by the fact that an ordinary city car began to make sounds that are characteristic of a racing car.

In addition to the "roar" of the engine, the need to repair the silencer is indicated by:

  • unpleasant smells in the cabin;
  • ringing, rattling during acceleration;
  • intermittent tapping under the bottom;
  • black smoke from the pipe;
  • constant activation of the Check Engine indicator *;
  • a sharp increase in fuel consumption *;
  • reducing traction - the car barely crawls, suddenly stalls *

* Symptoms can also signal an engine malfunction.

Check the condition of the exhaust system and eliminate the problems with the muffler / other auto components you can in CARVEX.

Car workshop services:

  • diagnostics of the exhaust system;
  • cleaning, replacement, welding of the muffler (main) and resonator;
  • replacement of catalyst, corrugations, pipes and gaskets;
  • installation of attachments.

In the presence of a large selection of materials and components for the repair of mufflers. Car service CARVEX offers quality spare parts with a warranty from the manufacturer, thanks to which the exhaust system can resist mechanical damage, destructive effects of moisture and combustion products for longer.

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