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inspection and repair of suspension

Chassis of your car is a guarantee of comfortable and safe driving. In most cars, the suspension is made according to one principle, so CARVEX car service specialists were able to formulate some basic principles of working with the undercarriage of any car:

  • Timely diagnosis of the suspension can significantly shorten the time and cost of its subsequent repairs
  • The weakest parts of the undercarriage of any car: ball joints, silent blocks, levers and shock absorbers
  • For the diagnostics of running gear it is necessary to use special tools that will allow you to evaluate rubber suspension elements

When is it necessary to inspect the сhassis/suspension?

  • Every 10-15 thousand kilometers of run
  • When there is an extraneous noise when driving
  • With the deterioration of car handling
  • When the car sags
  • If there is a backlash of the steering wheel

Diagnosing of undercarriage Car service CARVEX not take much time and will determine all possible failure of auto suspension and plan their removal as soon as possible.

Recommendations for the subsequent repair of the undercarriage from CARVEX:

  • If possible, replace the rubber parts of the running gear with polyurethane - it will last longer and will save the other components of the car suspension
  • Carry out a symmetrical repair, replacing both the right and left parts, even if, according to the diagnosis of running emergency, only the consumable on one side

Compliance with these simple recommendations and regular inspection of the running in CARVEX service station will prolong the life of your suspension!

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