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The radiator of the cooling system dissipates heat in the atmosphere, which antifreeze removes from the engine. When this element ceases to cope with the load, the coolant temperature rises (up to boiling), the engine overheats, its parts begin to deform.

Often, the device’s performance deteriorates due to weakening of the fasteners, which leads to leakage of coolant, blockage of the “honeycomb” (the space between the plates) and the tubes. In this case, there is no need to replace the radiator - the master can easily repair it. If the parts are worn out, the tightness and throughput are seriously impaired, then you will have to buy a new device.

The first signs that the radiator needs repair or replacement:

  • frequent turning on the cooling fan;
  • cold bottom of the radiator with hot top hoses;
  • drops, smudges in the joints;
  • clouding of the coolant;
  • reducing the level of coolant in the tank;

Many problems can be avoided if you regularly inspect the cooling system and annually do preventive maintenance of the radiator. CARVEX specialists will help you with this.

Workshop services:

  • inspection, checking the tightness and throughput of devices;
  • replacement of worn parts of the cooling system;
  • coolant replacement and flushing;
  • замена термостата;
  • adjustment of the thermal mode (installation of additional devices);
  • radiator replacement

You can also entrust us with the repair of radiators stove, air conditioning. The ability to quickly deliver the necessary radiator in the CARVEX service station allows you to solve most problems on the same day.

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